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Founded in 2017, Herb + Design's vision was to introduce a splash of luxury into the everyday. We have taken a modern and minimalistic approach that replaces standard Jordanian products with something extraordinary in every detail.


Herb + Design, is a luxury 100% Jordanian concept and brand that was founded and developed by Sufian Sawalha, a passionate architect by profession,  alongside his team of architects. The name, a play on words, is pronounced as Urban Design. To know more about Sufian please visit, 


Herb + Design's collections of all-natural products were developed by a group of passionate designers who believe in the successful marriage of superior quality and exceptional appearance. We also trust that producing and consuming natural  products is crucial to preserving our environment.  All our products are completely natural and come to you from the heart of the Levant, Jordan.  

We believe that all our products will be beautiful and healthy additions to your home, and serve as wonderful gifts for your loved ones. 

Natural Refined Lifestyle- homegrown from passion. 


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