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Animal rights ambassador


Dina Salti is an animal rights activist in Amman who dedicates much of her time to improving the wellbeing of Jordan’s fauna, increasing awareness of animal abuses, and raising cultural standards as to how we coexist in harmony with nature. A lifelong lover of all animals, Dina began to get involved in raising awareness on the abusive conditions that animals in Jordan are exposed to after visiting one of the many illegal pet shops in West Amman a few years ago.


She along side with her team of like-minded people and dedicated animal lovers from different backgrounds and specialities co-founded Tabanni. While in the process of registering as a non profit, Tabanni seeks to optimize the animal adoption process in Jordan while prioritizing the well-being of the animal. Utilizing their diverse range of skillsets, the team behind Tabanni has been operating in Jordan as a group of individuals since November 2019 and were already active in the animal welfare sector before merging their efforts for the cause.


Tabanni has culminated their efforts in spearheading several initiatives to advocate and improve animal welfare in Jordan along with raising awareness of the common, unseen abuses that society is not aware of. They have also set their sights on legislative reform regarding the rights of animals in Jordan. Dina attributes Tabanni’s preliminary successes to the diverse range of skills and perspectives of the team members who provide a wealth of expertise and inspiration.

As a holistic practitioner and mother of two, kindness and compassion are driving forces behind Dina’s decision to fight for the rights of those who can’t speak for themselves. Healing begins by finding a proper balance. When our environment and the life that constitutes it is out of balance, so are we. Animal rights is just one way we can improve the human condition by extending our compassion to those we often overlook.


honorary Palestine rights ambassador


Mary Nazzal is a Managing Director with SEAF who led the creation of the SEAF Jordan Growth and Impact Fund, and SDG-aligned SME growth fund with a focus on inclusion.

Mary is a social entrepreneur and founded Landmark Hotels Company, Jordan’s first hospitality company. Landmark expanded into Occupied East Jerusalem and opened and managed the St George Landmark Hotel. The partnership between Landmark Amman and Landmark Palestine was an important one reinforcing linkages between the Jordanian and Palestinian hospitality industry.


Each year, thousands of sick and injured children are provided free medical care by the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF).  PCRF sponsors hundreds of volunteer doctors from all over the world to operate on children in local hospitals in Palestine, as well as sending children abroad for free care, and sponsoring surgery for Palestinian and Syrian children in Jordan and Lebanese hospitals.  PCRF also has built two pediatric cancer hospitals to treat children for free in Gaza and Bethlehem and runs several humanitarian projects that bring support for orphans and amputees in Gaza, as well as other programs.  PCRF's main goal is to heal every child in need.  To know more about PCRF, click here

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marine life ambassador


While leading “Bright Education”, an education center, and acting as a Regional Business Development Manager in the stem cells industry, Seif Madanat has always been an environmentally aware person with a passion for marine life.


It all started in 2016, when Seif had his first diving experience in Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. A hobby for many, scuba diving became Seif’s way of living in the present moment amid the serene underwater world.

Today, Seif is a certified Dive Master and has dived in many of our globe’s oceans and seas, from Komodo Islands in the pacific ocean to the Brother’s Islands in the Red sea. Due to his bubbly character and eagerness to protect the marine life, he immersed into understanding one of the biggest challenges our valuable marine life faces today; pollution.


Determined to make a difference, Seif Madanat cofounded ProjectSea with Beisan Al Sharif. ProjectSea is an initiative dedicated to extending their passion for scuba diving towards cleaning the seas and preserving marine life. ProjectSea organizes periodic cleanup events focusing on the dive sites of Aqaba. Since its launch, the initiative has influenced many organizations and individuals to join and contribute to the cause.




Ghada Zada a fashion designer known for her innovative idea in transforming the oriental koufiyeh hatta to a sophisticated yet stylish look while maintaining an authentic twist. 


Just a day before the lockdown for pandemic Corona virus took place, Zada who made her mark in the line of fashion, had a tough battle to fight when diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. When caught between a rock and a hard place, she chose to fight bravely back with love and hope. She took it one day at a time, bashing negative thoughts and fear. From one side she was fighting for her life, going through the painful journey of eight Chemo sessions, undergone bilateral mastectomy and removal of twenty five lymph nodes followed by removal of both ovaries and ducts followed by twenty five radiation sessions and currently on Hormonal Therapy and the fear of getting COVID-19 as it was spreading quickly.

"With love and strong belief, that God is with me, I became a Cancer survivor"