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Herb + Design believes in empowering women, by including them in the works space and having them as pillars in our industry and business.

Women and girls are key agents of development and change. Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is vital to building fair, inclusive, prosperous, and peaceful societies everywhere.

We always try to choose suppliers who employ women, as they also support families and raise children. This will also result in generating income for them, where this income is used for their education, and to support their families. This also results in a complete society.

Our women’s empowerment program gives women the opportunity to experience the dignity associated with becoming self-sufficient. 

The empowerment, improvement and independence of women in the social, economic and health status is a core principle at Herb + Design.


We take pride that we have formed a safe and supportive environment for women in Jordan, ranging from housewives, refugees and locals to participate in the creation and development of various products, such as jams, tapenades, spreads and more.


The female employees at Herb + Design have the same accessibility and privileges in work settings as males, they have the same rights and duties to perform and have the freedom to pursue their desired goals.

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