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In the heart of Jordan's southern mountains, artisans from the ancient city of Karak meticulously crafted a one-of-a-kind gift that would weave together history, artistry, and scent. It was a fragrance set named "Tapputi Set," destined for a special recipient – the Housing Bank.


The fragrance set began with a volcanic stone disc, carefully sourced from the rugged landscapes of Jordan. Each disc held the story of the earth's fiery embrace, captured within its textured surface. Paired with this was a grey marble container, hailing from the very quarries that had yielded stone for countless structures through the ages.


Skilled hands shaped the marble into a container that spoke of elegance and timelessness. The artisans etched delicate patterns on its surface, paying homage to the intricate designs that adorned the ancient architecture of Karak. Nestled within the container was a droplet of oil, scented with the essence of Arabia – a blend of spices, florals, and secrets whispered by desert winds.


A brass ring served as the vessel's crown, its design reminiscent of the embellished gates found in the bustling bazaars of the region. This ring wasn't merely ornamental – it played a vital role in the gift's enchanting tale. When the oil was placed within the ring, and a candle's gentle flame danced beneath, the brass absorbed warmth and transformed it into a diffusing embrace.

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